Thema: UED3 Making a new CBP/UCMP
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Standard Editor Fixes

yeh so. the editor that came with the 6 disc package is very hot-line state-of-the-art. but the media renderer since the advent of larger RAM systems [say from 500MB to 8GB] has not been re-coupled with the driver packages that are endlessly updated for adobe, etc. so first thing, after a successful boot [restart, etc.], is to run some mp4 on windows [but no more than 25% volume, and that can be muted, it just to needs to run, so it interferes with their non-compliant ASP], so the processor syncs. this will act as a mirror-buffer to any cuts that the updates look for. second. and this is the easiest. don't edit on a device, unless Nvidia is installed in the package. if you need to edit on a simple 8GB RAM laptop, that has no gaming card, there are some simple ways to get around the inevitable camera lag. start with warm-up movements. then go to Top view, minimum units, move as close as possible to a wire, and click it. then save. the first save is very slow, so save it again. the second save will be immediate.
for instance, never add fluid oscillators until the very end of the build, since they'll lag the camera. Top clicks work best. they're almost always immediate. BUT! you must scope all the way in first before you click. dynamic can be slow. texture is faster. wire is faster than that. also. zone/portal can speed up slow painting, considerably. click on a StaticMesh from above, zoomed all the way in, almost always instant. the same mesh in wire, slower, the same mesh in texture slower still, and the same mesh in dynamic, can be slower than the Top zoomed all the way in. ^^ -msi
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