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Well, there is not a lot going on there.

First, your server.log shows that while you did start a server, you didn't connect to it with a client. Therefore I can't tell whats happening during the connection buildup.

Next, I STRONGLY recommend not to start a dedicated server via the ingame option, but use UCC instead to create a standalone dedicated server. We got a ServerGuide for this (i'll admit its a bit outdated, but it's still valid), but it's in german. Use Google Translate, it should do the trick. Better yet: download the dedicated server package and run it from there, keep client and server strictly seperated.

i'm not sure why he's complaining about UnrealEd. I think thats up to "ONS-Command-&-Conquer-2-V1B", but i can't find it anywhere...

Speaking of Maps, all those errors in both Client and Server Log are a result of missing files. I suggest you try to find all those missing files first and get rid of your client errors before progressing any server activity.

Finally, regarding your spider tank, I think this is the mod and it actually tells you what to do with the ServerPackage records.

I guess you have some homework to do. If you need further help just ask.
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