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when they were close, it was on different heights in the map. watch it again. they spam out resources, when they see the hairpin coming up. you also might like one of my favorites at link below, on DM-Goose.
that map is called DM-1on1-Lea-ESWC2k5-SE, but it might be a version of the original, link below.
and you can get DM-Goose at, link below. which is the update -msi
ask around at 3D Buzz, perhaps. Buzz has been writing mutators since the release in 2003. he'll know how. but, he might charge per line.
all the downloads are for free, but Buzz has a tutorial site, so it's hit or miss. link to 3D Buzz, below.
and the start of his scripting section, below. ^^

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