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hey pixel hunter. your new model crashes in Platform, and freezes the CPU! it might be the absence of a Karma pack, or it could be a string of unneeded notifications which got stuck between the .psk and the .psa. it would help your reputation if you could fix this trouble, or at least delete this skin until the .ukx is platform stable. thnx, M kusanagi 2-25-2020
Hi M kusanag,

I haven't been able to replicate any crashes on this build. I left a deathmatch with 12 airazor bots running for an hour and it was stable the whole time. I've been using this as my player character for a few weeks now and haven't had crashes on my build. Can you give me more information about what game mode/mutators you might be running when it crashes? The error message might be helpful as well.

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