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Standard Textures does not show correctly on joining players, why?

Some textures does not "go thru" from server.

If I run server as I play, I see all the textures fine. But If I run dedicated server and join to it, the textures are missing. Same is as if my friend joins to my "listen"-server, he does not see the textures. Even we both have same files and same version of game.

It applies to guns and vehicles for now.. for example, if I use Worm2k4 mutator to change manta to Plasma Tarantula II

see images on google drive

on picture one is listen server and picture 2 and 3 is dedicated server and I have joined to it.

the problem is not only with Worm2k4 mutator, it is almost in every mutator.

Does anyone had this problem and got it fixed?
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