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Standard UT2004 iCTF 5vs5 CLUEX tournament Spring 2019

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We are proudly announcing UT2004 iCTF 5vs5 tournament.

You can either sign up with whole team or you may create your own team by teaming up with people from #looking-for-team

Tournament format
Tournament structure is depending on the amount of teams reistered. So far, our idea is to host group stage (based on best of three system) followed by single-elimination playoffs stage (based on best of five system).

Register your team over #registration - signing up is closed on 06.01.2019 and afterwards, we are begining the tournament matches.

Maplist, picking maps
CTF-Brokenlimits- PRO[RC2]

Each captain will pick his own map from the maplist. The same map cannot be played twice during one match and neither, cannot be picked twice by the same team during groupstage period! If the result is tied, the team with the less caps combined from 2 maps is begining the elimination of the maps, until the last one is determined.

Server list
Official cup server: Password: pug (Sponsored by UTzone.de)

Match arranging and reporting
Once the groups are known, please contact each other to arrange upcoming #matches. Once oyu set a date and hour, let admins know about it. Please, always remember to take screenshots of all maps you decide to play. Once the match is finished, forward them to one of the admins.
[19:10] ShX: Additional, important rules
Tournament will not be played with usage of enhanched netcode.
Each team has 2 weeks to arrange and play one groupstage match. However, if you arrange it quicklier, you may play as many matches during 1 week as you wish.
Each team has 2 wildcards to reschedule the match that you missed for some reason without losing by forfeit if you or your teammates dont show up on scheduled game.
For further informations, feel free to ask admins.

Admins for this tournament
1) Head admin: @D!ÄtêR^
2) Additional admin: @ShX

Das ganze wird auf Discord laufen
Link: https://discord.gg/5QUxZjj

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