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Smarter Bots

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Smarter Bots
for UT2004 by Wormbo
Homepage: http://www.koehler-homepage.de/wormbo/

This mutator and server actor improves the bot AI to allow bots to access their
complete set of skills even on lower game difficulty levels.
Game difficulty will still affect how well bots aim and their general tactical
decisions, but they will e.g. run at full speed and know how to use the
Translocator and hammer jumps to move around the map. However, it's still just
the UT2004 AI, so don't expect any miracles. Also, the AI changes are generic.
Weapon-specific or gametype-related behavior was not changed. (Impact-jumping
and Translocator usage are considered movement skills.)

Put the files SmarterBots.u and .ucl your UT2004\System directory and you're
ready to use the mutator.
If you run a server an want to enable Smarter Bots permanently without
affecting your server's white-listing status, add the following line to the
[Engine.GameEngine] section of your UT2004.ini file:


If you want to add the mutator to your server's startup commandline, its class
name is "SmarterBots.MutSmarterBots".
Neither the mutator nor the server actor have any configurable properties.

Improvements over standard AI
The following list describes most of the changes in the AI applied by Smarter
Bots, in no particular order:

* Bio globs on the ground and similar threats are properly recognized on all
difficulty levels. Whether the bot actually avoids them is a different story.

* Whether a bot can impact-jump no longer depends on the difficulty level.

* Whether the bot can use the Translocator no longer depends on the difficulty
level. Obviously the bot still needs a Translocator and will not translocator
when carrying the flag.

* Bots will always try pulling off Shock Rifle combos without standing still if
the Shock Rifle is the character's favorite weapon. If it is not, they will
try pulling off moving combos with increasing probability above Novice

* On Experienced difficulty an above, bots may even try pulling off shock
combos while in the air. The probability for that increases with difficulty
level, but never becomes common practice even on Godlike difficulty.
(The standard AI never attempted that, regardless of difficulty level.)

* Bots may crouch on all difficulty levels now, if they can. However, on lower
difficulty levels they may prefer firing splash damage weapons without
crouching, as before.

* Bots no longer take difficulty level into account when deciding to dodge or
dodge-jump towards their movement goal. Bot characters with a higher setting
for "jumpiness" may still dodge more often than less jumpy bots.

* When bots notice they "missed a jump", they will attempt to use their
Translocator to get where they wanted without being limited by the game'section
difficulty level.

* Bots can use double or multi jumps on all difficulty levels.

* Bots will no longer run at reduced speed on lower difficulty levels.

* While their aiming accuracy was not changed, bots on lower difficulty levels
may now try to lead their target.

* Lower difficulty settings do not make bots oblivious to incoming projectiles
and vehicles anymore. They may may still be slower to notice the threat, but
will likely try to dodge at least once in a while.

* If they have a Translocator, bots may always use it for faster traveling,
not just on difficulty levels above Average.

* Even novice bots may decide to perform wall-dodges now, although less often
than bots on higher difficulty levels.
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