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+/- Klappen
Title : The TempoClasm
Version : 2.00
Release Date : 16 August 2010 (v1.01 released 2005)
Author : Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce
Email Address :
Web Page : http://www.unrealsp.org/
Description : Something has gone seriously wrong with the spacetime continuum! UT DOM for 8-24 players.
Previous Maps : DOM-TempleOfCows, DM-Henf, DM-IndustrialGloom et al;
"Vacillations of a Victorian Vagrant" SP,"Deja Vu" SP v2.01 (Maps 1 & 12)
Build Time : Three weeks originally, not including the construction of the train prefab,
beta testing, or post-testing BSP hell;
A few days for the reduxxed version.
Special Thanks (v2.0): sana for hosting multiple games of this map and suggesting various useful changes
.:..: for the chiming clock and clock hands code (hacked by myself)
Jet v4.3.5 and Shivaxi for joining in the testing games
Special Thanks (v1.01): XeptizZ for looping a cicada sound for me,
mister_prophet for beta testing,
zynthetic for loaning me some bandwidth,
Techno_JF and Turboman for further offers of help,
Epic for creating the Unreal series!

Sounds: TempoclasmMusic.uax
Music: Blank.umx
Textures: TempoClasmTex.utx; richrig.utx
Code: TempoClasmCode.u

Place DOM-TempoClasm-v2.unr in your UnrealTournament\Maps folder.
Place TempoClasmCode.u in your UnrealTournament\System folder.
Place TempoclasmMusic.uax in your UnrealTournament\Sounds folder.
Place TempoClasmTex.utx and richrig.utx in your UnrealTournament\Textures folder.
Place Blank.umx in your UnrealTournament\Music folder.


Version History

- Removed the long walk between the Underground and the mountain tunnel.
- Decreased the distance between the mountain tunnel and Bleak's Expanse Station.
- Added a new link between the Underground and the Down Street control point.
- Added a new link between Down Street and Piazza, via one of the side streets.
- Added two new defensive balconies at the Down Street control point, plus additional weaponry & ammo.
- Added shortcut from top level of Underground to the platform, plus additional weaponry & ammo.
- Moved Armour in Down Street closer to the main Underground entrance.
- Replaced Thigh Pads in the Piazza with Armour.
- Added Thigh Pads and extra Health at Down Street control point.
- Tweaked weapon placement at the mountain tunnel and added Jump Boots.
- Added an extra Redeemer in a hidden location...
- Replaced the incomplete chiming church clock in the Piazza with a fully functional chiming clock that shows the system time.
- Improved bot pathing, including extra TranslocDests, improved DefensePoints at Summit and fixing the broken path between Bleak's Expanse and Down Street.
- Minor optimisation: Replaced the small golden wall lamps in Down Street with meshes (slight loss of lighting quality as a result).
- Fixed non-colliding windows in the Down Street tavern.
- Sundry fixes of BSP glitches arising from the above changes.

v1.01: Fixed some bugs (I forget what)

v1.0: First release

Extended Description

DOM-TempoClasm is an unorthodox level: it's five point DOM in a map that's big enough to comfortably accommodate between 8 and 24 players. By 24 players I mean two teams of 12, three teams of 8 or four teams of 6; all formats seem to work pretty well, although the latter is pretty busy.

DOM-TempoClasm is more about the theme(s) than the gameplay; it's just something I REALLY wanted to build. That does not mean that it's not a fun map to play - far from it, but equally it wouldn't classify as a tight CliffyB pretzel-shaped map either. The five control points are quite spread out over the map's four distinct zones, and each one presents a different environment to try and defend. There are plenty of weapons, several spawn points, and the bots are fully pathed. It is, however, NOT a low poly map.

Due to the "realistic" and quite open settings of parts of this map, it IS pretty easy to translocate yourself outside of the playing area. It'll be obvious when this happens, so do yourself a favour and translocate yourself back in! Once you're used to the layout of the map this won't be a problem; if you see a locked gate, chances are you're not meant to go behind it. Since this map won't be played in Last Man Standing mode, I don't think it matters.

If you don't have the translocator enabled but end up trapped somewhere, then do what the bots do and look for the small arrow-shaped teleporters to get you back into the field of play. There'll always be one available - it'll be tucked into a corner somewhere.

The map's soundtrack cannot be switched off. It changes from zone to zone like ambient sound, and I expect you will either love it or hate it. If you hate it, however, you're stuck with it, because this mixture of soundscapes provided much of the inspiration for the map, and it's integral to the game experience. Enjoy!

So about the inspiration...

The Italian zone is inspired by a real Italian town and a real Italian cathedral, but the layout of the area is my own. The Bleak's Expanse, Underground and Down Street zones are inspired by my interest in British history and the computer game "Shadowman", from which most of the soundtracks are drawn.

The idea of mingling themes also derives slightly from mister_prophet's DM-TimeCrash, although the themes in DOM-TempoClasm are more distinct and less seamlessly assembled than mister_prophet's.

The Italian zone, set in the present day, is meant to be the most beautiful. The Down Street zone is meant to have the dense atmosphere of 19th century back street London, and the Underground zone is quite deliberately "1960s ugly". The Bleak's Expanse, however, set circa the 1940s, is meant to have a stark industrial beauty of its own.

Some of the cooler ideas had to be cut, such as the sporadic appearance of a train running players down. The mover brushes would have been too complex for the engine.

Finally, somehow I put this huge thing together in three weeks...?

Not so Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is a TempoClasm?

A: An explosion of time (like a pyroclastic flow). But you won't find it in any dictionary...

Q: I don't see all five control points on my HUD. What can I do?

A: Decrease the HUD size in your HUD settings.

Gameplay Tips

Secure one or both of the marginal control points, Bleak's Expanse or Summit. You won't hold them forever, but they will give you an edge over the other teas) as you vie for the more highly contended control points at Underground, Down Street and Piazza San. Giovanni sul Monte.

Try the map with three teams. I recommend it!

Technical Issues

There's killer area in the air just above the outer fences of the Bleak's Expanse. It's not big but it's best avoided! If flying one of the Redeemers (which you'll have to find first), don't aim too low over those fences.

Hitscan weapons don't work through warpzones. I have tried to design around this engine limitation, but the use of warpzones could not be avoided given this map's theme.

This map presented total BSP hell very late in the day, after being fairly well-behaved in development. An endless cycle of chasing one new BSP error after another as each one was fixed, lasting a couple of days. I think they're all gone now, apart from the fence thing, but let me know if you find any more. (?)

Coming Soon (maybe)

DOM-DreamLand - The spiritual sequel to DOM-TempoClasm, based on an actual dream I had. I was going to release it together with this redux as a map pack, but had to put it on hold as I was spending more time on it than I could afford.


DOM-TempoClasm-v2 (c) 2005-2010 Michael Wilberforce. Authors may not NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. You are not allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without the author's explicit permission. You may distribute this level through any electronic network (Internet, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file with the archive.
Authors wishing to use TempoclasmMusic.uax or the textures embedded in the map should recognise the author and DOM-TempoClasm as the source in their documentation. Blank.umx and richrig.utx are widespread public domain files that are not under copyright to the author.
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DOM-Tempoclasm-mappack.zip has a newer version of DOM-Tempoclasm (v201) and has DOM-Dreamland, sadly the link is dead there, anyone has it?
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Sorry for the bump...
DOM-Tempoclasm-mappack.zip has a newer version of DOM-Tempoclasm (v201) and has DOM-Dreamland, sadly the link is dead there, anyone has it?

edit: got v201 without dreamland here:

Geändert von GEx (04.01.2013 um 15:19 Uhr) Grund: Found an updated version.
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found both, uploading soon
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DOM-TempoClasm-v2 has been updated!
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Daumen hoch

Thank you! And sorry for that double post, I didn't get any note that my 1st message was sent so I made another one. That's what I get when I post with a phone
English only!
my work for UT99:
Counter-Strike voicepack: http://www.ut99.org/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=3976
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