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Standard UT3: Countdown Fragmovie

Hey everyone!

After quite some time i finally release my 2nd Fragmovie.
I lost countless demos and recorded files during the process so you might notice some bugs on some scenes and even different video qualities, but it's ok.

I tried to make this movie with several different frags, like air frags (all weapons i could!), vehicle headshots, long range headshots, flagruns, redeemer jumps, you name it... It is mainly focused on vCTF since it's one of the few game mods still active on UT3.

Anyways, i hope you enjoy it and feel the wait worthwhile!
Once again, i recommend you to download it for better quality: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fl...+Fragmovie.mp4

Video Settings:
Release: 8 of January 2015
Runtime: 7"08'
Resolution: 1280*720
Codec: MainConcept H.264
File Size: 314MB
Original file size: 73GB (uncompressed avi.)
FPS: 50

Blue Stahli - Ultra Numb
Nuttin' But Stringz - Broken Sorrow (cut)

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Done and nice

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