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Deatmatch Map for Unreal Tournament 3

General Info ~

Title: DM-Goliath_Beta

Author: j@r

Version: Beta 0.1

Credits: Dave Ewing for originally creating this map for UT2004; Hourences for his various tutorials; xtremexp for his UT3 Converter.

Author's Notes ~~

This is a remake of UT2004's official map DM-Goliath and the first UT3 map I've ever published. The meshes/textures are partly from the original map, partly remodelled and partly from UT3. A few of the pickup-locations have been edited and two new corridors have been added in an attempt to further improve gameplay.

*As this is still in Beta state, I'd like you to inform me about any potential bugs you may find. Also let me know what you think about the gameplay, balance and style of the map.* Thank you!

Story: High above Calaban VII, Goliath class orbital power stations provide the thriving colonies below with both power and protection. Virtually immune to small arms fire, the platforms have become popular staging arenas for the tournaments. Occasional radiation leakage has resulted in arenas that are not only entertaining, but self-cleaning too.

Player Count: 4 - 10

Compatibility: UT3 Patch 2.1

Game Type: (Team) Deathmatch
Botmatch: Yes
Single Player: Yes
Teamplay: Yes
New Textures: Yes
New Meshes: Yes
New Char. Models: No
New Sounds: Yes
New Music: No
New Mutators: No

Installation ~~~

Extract DM-Goliath_Beta.rar

Move the files: "DM-Goliath_Beta.ut3 ; DM-Goliath_Beta_LOC_int.upk ; DM-Goliath_Beta.ini"

Into: "C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps"

If the folder does not exist, create it.

Select the level in a multiplayer/instant action game, or type "open DM-Goliath_Beta" in the console.

Copyright / Permissions ~~~~

This level is copyright 2011, by j@r

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without explicit permission from the original author.

ANY bug fixes, fixes, changes, and tweaks may only be implemented by the author. No other person or party is allowed to release a modified version of this map without the author's permission.

You MAY NOT charge any money for this map or any of its embedded content.

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic media (internet (webftp), FIDO, local BBS, Magazine coverdisk etc.), provided you include this file.

All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

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