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Standard Neuer Download: COMP - COmpetitive Map Pack

COMP - COmpetitive Map Pack

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COMP - COmpetitive Map Pack - For Unreal Tournament 3
This pack contains 7 new maps for Duel, DM and TDM

COMP was created to provide new maps designed for competitive
players, in Duel and TDM. The gameplay in each map has been built to
provide you with the best flow and balance. With help from multiple
players and mappers in the community they have been tweaked to give
you a quality gameplay experience.
Expect loads of trick jumps and a ton of fun.

Title: Competitive Map Pack
Game: Unreal Tournament 3
Compatiblity: Patch 2.1 and Titan pack
Platform: PC & PS3
Version: 1.0
Release Date: May 28, 2011
Author: COMP Team
Website: http://comp.cr4zyb4st4rd.co.uk


The Team and Credits

The COMP Team:

Leader: Noob_Zaibot

Co-leader + Web & Video: Cr4zy

Level Designers: Cr4zy
DeathoX8 aka XYZ8000
Shoot_You_Down aka Satans_Father

Help, testing and thanks: Random54
Foufoune Rose
Sorry to anyone we may have missed!

Textures and Music: Cr4zy - http://cr4zyb4st4rd.co.uk/textures.html
Evil_Lair for his E7 texture pack.
Epic Games for Unreal Tournament 2004 textures H_E_L_Ltx.utx package

Epic Games for UT3.



PC Install
Extract the files in to

X:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps

(If the folders do not exist, create them)


Level Information

Name: DM-Balance

Author: Zaibot

Players: 2-6

Story: Lets talk about what balance is....


Name: DM-BloodLine

Author: DeathoX 8

Players: 2-6

Story: Thousands of wars have turned the Rhake river into a mass of red
toxic water, making it a less than ideal tourist location. Some
of the facilities sorrounding it have been however deemed perfect
low-cost arenas for tournament use by some Liandri researchers.
The frequent rains that storm the region will already take care
of cleaning the blood stains away when necessary.


Name: DM-Denounced

Author: ShootYouDown

Players: 2-4

Story: Built by a religious cult with the intentions of being used to
house mass orgies in times of desperation, Denounced has seen
the best and worst aspects of human kind. However, since all of
the cult members were ages 3-6, they felt as if the opposite sex
had coodies and all requests for an orgy had been denied.
Several trillion millennia later, a group of werewolves found the
structure. These creatures of the night decided to put on costumes
and fight to the death with the power tools they had recieved from
their mothers as wedding gifts. And that's why you're here.


Name: DM-Edge

Author: Scott 'Cr4zy' Coxhead

Players: 2-4

Story: There's no back story to a new arena, with no major tournament
games ever being played here before, only a few matches while
Liandri designed and modified it to perfection.
So when you're done slaughtering your opponent, you can start
writing its history.


Name: DM-Elements

Author: IzziTheLizard

Players: 4-8

Story: Prior to their destruction in year 2251, fragments of the ancient
artifacts that legendarily initiated the first inter-corporation
warfare were harvested and studied by the Anubin race. They built
a temple on a desert planet near where the artifact fragments were
found and in the brief period before their destruction they were
able to break the artifacts power into their elemental components
and study them in a more pure form. Nearly a century later the
temple is deemed well suited for a new arena given its historic
relevance to the corporate tournaments.


Name: DM-Facemash

Author: Random54 & Zaibot

Players: 2-6

Story: An arena designed for the best players in the tournament, only
real warriors have the pleasure, or misfortune, to spill blood
in this arena.


Name: DM-NinjaParadise

Author: Zaibot

Players: 2-4

Story: If you are cunning, with speed and agility, this arena is a
paradise for you. Welcome.

Copyright / Permissions
All content in this pack is copyrighted 2011 by the COMP team.

Authors may NOT use this content as a base to build additional content. This
content may NOT be modified in any way without the author's express, written
permission. You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this content, i.e. put
it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without the
team's explicit permission! You MAY distribute this content through any
electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this
file and leave the archive intact.

Unreal Tournament 3 (c) 1998-2007, Epic Games, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Epic,
Epic Games, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, the circle-U logo, and the Unreal
Tournament 3 logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc.
in the United States of America and elsewhere.
All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.
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COMP - COmpetitive Map Pack has been updated!
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