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LetsPlay a Game Die LetsPlay-Ecke der UTzone für alle Games. Ihr macht ein Letsplay, dann linkt es hier rein!

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Alt 15.02.2017, 13:13   #1
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Blinzeln Black Mesa

Hier https://donzi.utzone.de/tv/blackmesa

Insgesamt 12 Folgen, Youtube muss erstmal rendern, daher die letzte Folge erst am 17.02. 17:00

"Black Mesa"
Relive Half-Life in this highly acclaimed, fan-made recreation.

Main Info

Black Mesa is the award winning fan-made re-imagining of Gordon Freeman's landmark journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility. Relive Half-Life, Valve Software's revolutionary debut, and experience the game that raised the bar for the entire game industry all over again!

Key Features
Nostalgia has never felt so fresh - Expect tremendously detailed environments, old-school tough-as-nails combat, and a gripping story with memorable characters. The all-new soundtrack, voice acting, choreography and dialogue create a more expansive and immersive experience than ever before!

Heavily updated single player experience - The over 10 hour single player experience has greatly improved from the mod release; new visuals, new voice over, updated gameplay encounters, stability changes and more. Xen is not part of the Early Access release, but will included as a free update when it is ready.

Black Mesa Multiplayer - Fight with or against your friends, in two game modes across 10 iconic maps from the Half-Life universe including Bounce, Gasworks, Stalkyard, Undertow and Crossfire!

Custom Modding Tools & Workshop - Use the same tools as the developers! Create your own mods, modes and maps for Black Mesa and Black Mesa Multiplayer and then share your work, and subscribe to others, on the Steam Workshop!

Complete Steam Integration - Collect the full set of trading cards, backgrounds, emoticons, and achievements! Steam Cloud, Steam Workshop and partial controller support!

Run. Think. Shoot. Source..

Single/Multiplayer Ego-Shooter
Entwickler: Crowbar Collective
Publisher: Crowbar Collective
Veröffentlichung: 5. Mai 2015


Wenn Dir das Spiel gefällt, bitte unterstütze die Entwickler und kaufe Dir das Spiel im Original!
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