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Standard New File Added: UT99org 2017 CMC mappack

UT99org 2017 CMC mappack

+/- Klappen
Thank you for downloading the UT99.org Chaos Mapping Contest (CMC) mappack!
The contest rules were:

-Theme of the contest is CHAOS ...spooky bloody chaos! Inspiration, textures and decoration can be taken out of the ChaosUT mod.
-No weapon placement from this mod... we want this maps playable for everyone. Even for people without Chaos-UT installed.
-The playable area must be inside a 4096x4096x4096uu space. 1 bonus-point if you can get even the sky-zone inside that space.
- You can use any pack (u/utx/umx/uax) you want, but must include any exotic one into your submission. Filesize should be reasonable, so for a +1 point, the sum of all files used inside a zip file should not be bigger than 10 MB.
The Chaos files doesn't count, because we will put them into the final map-pack anyway. Only exotic files which are not included in Chaos or vanilla-Install have to be put into the zip or MyLevel. Those files and the map are the one counting.
- Any game-type allowed.
- The contest badge must be placed somewhere into the map on a visible place. Not just in some easter-egg room.
- Map Screenshot, Bot-Support and Music (at least a MyLeveled blank.umx) are a must.
- When naming your map, make sure the name has the -CMC- prefix. (DM-CMC-MapName, KOTH-CMC-MapName etc.)

The time limit to finish the maps were only 6 weeks...
In the end, these 9 submissions were made and later finalised for everyone to enjoy:

DM-CMC-ChaosKeep by memsys Contest winner and co-winner of the Player's choice award!
MH-CMC-PartyCrashers by Terraniux
DOM-CMC-NaliPsyenceX by ExpEM
DM-CMC-Letitia by makemeunreal
DM-CMC-Lords_Of_The_Void by XaNKoNII
CTF-CMC-HellScape by Le Impact Frag
DM-CMC-Constantine by Silver Sound
CTF-CMC-Kullrena by nogardilaref Co-winner of the Player's choice award!
DM-CMC-MansionOfChaos by papercoffee and Jackgriffin (aka gopostal)
-Simply unzip the pack into your installed UnrealTournament folder and all the files should be dropped to their required folders:
.unr files in /Maps
.u in /System
.umx in /Music
.utx in /Textures

-for MH-CMC-PartyCrashers, the Monster Hunt mod needs to beinstalled as well, if you don't have it, you can download it with a quick Google search.
-Not required, but these maps are great for the ChaosUT mod, please download the latest version from here:
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