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Standard Neuer Download: The Crucible: v1.2

The Crucible: v1.2

+/- Klappen

The Crucible: v1.2

By RuneStorm

With additional credits to David "Davision" Hagemann and Simon "Koribian" Hagemann

(c) 2009-2011, RuneStorm. All Rights Reserved

Thank you for downloading our mod! We hope you have as much fun playing it as we did developing it!

1) Requirements:

You will need Unreal Tournament 3, and have it patched to the latest version (v2.1 at the time of this release).

2) Installation:

To install "The Crucible", you will need to run the .RAR file and extract it to your "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3" folder. The mod is NOT a TC, and comes as a collection of mutators, the primary one being the "Crucible Weapons" mutator. There is also a "Road Rage" gametype, which features maniacal vehicle combat.

Several options are configurable, and can be found under the "Configure" menu for the mutator.

"No Barrels" Mutator can be enabled to disable the barrels in the maps. If Road Rage is too slow in some cases, using this mutator may help.

3) Mod Elements:

We have added a great number of elements to this mod which include the following:

V1.2 New Elements:
Crucible v1.2 features a new player movement system. There is no longer a "Jump" or "Use" key. Instead they are replaced by "Action" and "Tactical". Action is the Jump key and Tactical is the Use key. New and changed moves are as follows:

Move + Hold Action = Sprint
Move + Hold Action + Tap Tactical = Jump
Tap Action = Jump
Tap Tactical = Use
Move + Hold Tactical = Walk
Hold Action near obstacles = Climb
Jump Item + Hold Action near obstacle = Super Climb
Hold Action when falling or in the air = Grab Ledge
Jump Item + Move + Hold Crouch + Tap Action = Super Long Jump
Jump Item + Move + Hold Crouch + Hold Action + Tap Tactical = Super Long Jump
Jump Item + Move + Hold Action + Tap Tactical + Tap Crouch = Super Long Jump
Jump Item + Hold Crouch + Tap Action = Super High Jump
Jump Item + Hold Crouch + Hold Action + Tap Tactical = Super High Jump

V1.2 Additions include:

Original MSUC winning Crucible Weapons, plus the "Thor Lightning Gun"
New player movement system
Extensive new Gore system
Savior, Crusader, Skeleton Minion, Zombie, Hel and Gargoyle characters
New Crucible items and armor replaces UT items
RoadRage gametype adds berserk vehicle combat with good vehicle customization
2 Vehicles for RoadRage
8 New Maps, including 2 RoadRage maps
Wings-of-Light Item [Replaces JumpBoots]
Melee weapon combos
Dual Sword weapon earned by using the Hammer
New Scoreboard
New "Skill level" indicators on HUD for Melee skill and Killing spree
Interactive barrels
New player anims for new moves
Corpses stay longer
No Barrels mutator
Free Wings-of-Light mutator

-Hammer of Retribution
-Dual Swords [Unlock the Sword by uppercutting 3 enemies in a life with the Hammer]
-Raven Sidearm
-Basilisk Shotgun
-Thor Lightning-Gun
-Reaper Assault-Rifle
-Trident Machinegun
-Gryphon Sniper-Rifle
-Hydra Rocket-Launcher
-Scarab Grenade, aka "Pineapple"

The Crucible Weapons feature:

Reloading System
Weapon Recoil
New Effects
New Sounds
Standard Crucible Weapons Mutator
Melee only Mutator
Hammers vs Pistols Mutator
Health Regen with varying levels
Armor Regen
Bonus health for frags
Botlist Randomizing
Hints System
Un-Desaturation Feature
Melee Swipes
Hammer Combos
Hammer Skill System
3rd Person Melee Animations
AI Support
Multiplayer Support
Enemy Name Tag Remover
Weapon Brass
Fancy Grenades
Player Movement Speed tweaks
Options Menu
Low ammo sounds
Crouching improves recoil
Pain knocks aim off
Improved Scopes
Guided rockets
Splash Screen shows active components
Randomized kill messages


Melee Combat:

Players can use special combo moves with the Hammer, and Sword when it is unlocked.
The combo moves require specific keys to be pressed in the right order, and sometimes, in the right siutation.

Hammer moves:
-Swing = Simply press fire while either not moving, or not pressing any strafe keys.
-Left Swing = Strafe Left + Fire
-Right Swing = Strafe Right + Fire
-Forward Left Swing = Forward + Left Strafe + Fire
-Forward Right Swing = Forward + Right Strafe + Fire
-Uppercut = Forward + Jump + Fire
-Slam = Held Secondary + Falling + Release Secondary

Players can also unlock the special "Dual Swords" weapon by killing 3 enemies with the Uppercut combo on the Hammer.



The Crucible has also replaced a number of UT3 pickups with new ones:

LifeBlood: These replace the Health Vial pickup.
Acolyte Mail: Replaces Thigh Pads.
Warrior Armor: Replaces the Vest Armor.
Gothic Plate: Replaces the Shield Belt
HellFury Relic: This is a replacement for the UDamage. If you kill someone while under the effects of the relic, you will gain a small time increase.
Wings of Light: These replace the Jump Boots, and allow the user to perform super jumps and super mantling.


Gore System:

New to The Crucible, is an extensive gore system. Some of the new features:

Bullet impacts
Drag marks
Blood pools
Per-character gibs (for new RuneStorm characters)
Dismemberment (on and after death)


-Savior Character

Over 80 parts (incl. alternate skins)
Custom Physics
Voice Pack
Custom Materials
1st Person Arms
5 Characters
18 Extra Bots

The Savior, the mightiest warrior of Heaven and ruler of it's armies, is unmatched in battle. He has fought countless wars, battled the underworld's most powerful beings and slain untold numbers of Hell's minions. A number of powerful generals serve under him and honorably follow his will.

One of Heavens veteran generals, the Redeemer is as capable as any of Heavens Elite. A battle-hardened pit fighter, the Redeemer has walked with the Savior into countless bloody battles against the ravenous fiends from Hell.

Serving under the Savior, the Paladin is imbued with holy energies which gives him the strength to battle Hell's twisted Warlocks and Sorcerers. As with most of Heavens elite generals, the Paladin does not command his troops from the back of the line, but at the vangaurd, engaging some of Hells greatest minions.

The Purifier is the leader of a specific sect of Heavens army, whose duty it is to hunt down and slay the corrupted, the possessed and the heretics who have turned from the light. He fears nothing from Hell and serves the Savior as faithfully as any, carrying out his task with great conviction.

A devoted warrior, the Sanctifier is skilled in the arts of stealth and subterfuge. This assassin has been tasked with the elimination of demons, that do not take part in battle directly, preferring to command their hordes from behind the lines.

-Zombie Character

1st Person Arms
20+ Parts
Voice pack
Custom Physics

Hell employs many of these undead warriors for their persistence, toughness and frenzied aggression.

-Skeleton Minion Character

30+ Parts
Custom physics
1st person arms
Custom gibs
Voice Pack

Among the unthinkable number of undead minions under hell's command, the bizzarre animated dead skeleton is an iconic figure. Unlike most undead, they are quite agile and possessed of a wicked cunning. Their ability to use human equipment, even that with which they left there former lives, makes them very deadly. Skeleton minions are even capable of cooperative tactics and often work together as a coordinated squad.

-Crusader Character

1st Person Arms
Voice pack
Custom Physics

These elite warriors are all experienced veterans whose foremost purpose is the slaughter of demons. They will venture into the depths of hell to uphold the light and battle the fiercest demons. No fight is too tough and crusader legions have been known to massacre almost limitless hordes of hell's minions in the most vicious of battles.

-Hel Character

1st Person Arms
Custom Physics
2 Shoulder Pads

Hel was our first ever released character, loosely based on the Norse "Hel", goddess of the Underworld.
-Gargoyle Character

20+ Parts
Custom Physics
1st Person Arms
Custom Materials
Voice Pack

Deep into the creatures body the magic rocks have drilled, replacing its weak inner structure. The organic flesh and skin has become just a shell whilst the magic of the rocks keep it alive. Despite it's inorganic core, it can still feel the pain of the foreign matter that crawls under it's skin, bursting through its flesh. It has become a raging monstrosity!


-Avalon Temple
-Abandoned Temple
-Hallowed Ground
-Dark Sanctum
-Corrupted Woods

Road Rage:
-Cypress Coast
A long highway type map, with dangerous waters to one side.
-Blood Canyon
A long, wide canyon with 2 outposts.


The new Crucible vehicles feature:

Improved Vehicle damage system
Heavily customizable vehicles
Multi Area Vehicle Paint customization
Multiple vehicle weapons, dependant on what player was using
Improved vehicle physics
Improved player vs vehicle physics

A medium speed passenger car:
5 seats including driver and sun-roof gunner
6 Paint areas
Tougher than Inferno

A fast 2-man car:
2 Seats including driver
8 Paint areas
Good handling


-Road Rage:
Battle it out along a long highway with highly customizable vehicles. Fight your way to the enemy statue and destroy it.
Take over outposts along the way to assist in your quest for control.
Upgrade your vehicles with all manner of performance enhancements, car bombs, nitro, jumpers, and more.

Road Rage is won by destroying the other Team's statue.
Use the Shops that are available in Bases and Outposts to enhance you vehicles capabilities. See the list below.
Some upgrades can be quite costly, but are also very effective.
Earn cash by driving, killing players, shooting barrels, ramming vehicles and completing objectives.
Look at the signs above the shop entrance to get an idea as to what parts the shop holds.

Players will be ejected from their vehicle when it gets wrecked, rather than going down with it.
This way players should easily be able to find a new vehicle along the road and can keep fighting.

Shop upgrade and purchase items include:

Fuel Systems

Car Bombs
Apocalypse Device
Paint Shop
Repair Bay
Ram Grills
Vehicle Armor
Vehicle Health

If RoadRage becomes very slow on your server, disable Barrels using the "No Barrels" mutator.

4) Credits:

Crucible Mod: Designed and developed by RuneStorm©

RuneStorm is:

Nolan Richert: Programming, Modelling, Art, Level Design
Arn Richert: Art, Animation/Rigging, Sound Design, Level Design
Logan Richert: Programming, Rigging, Map Scripting, Level Design

Gargoyle Character by:
David "Davision" Hagemann

Gargoyle Sounds by:
Simon "Koribian" Hagemann
Copyright© RuneStorm 2011, All Rights Reserved

Visit our forums for any support questions and general discussion, or e-mail us directly;

E-Mail: them@runestorm.com
Website: www.runestorm.com
Crucible: www.runestorm.com/crucible
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/runestorm

By installing and using this mod, you agree to the following terms and agreements:

You may not under any circumstances distribute this weapon mod for profit.

You may not decompile, modify, disassemble, or reuse any of the included files.

You acknowledge and understand that this mod or the RuneStorm team or it’s individual members are in no way responsible for any damages or problems caused (directly or indirectly) by installing this mod.

This weapon mod is not in any way guaranteed nor warranted.

You may distribute the "Crucible" mod freely provided all files in the official release are included and remain intact, unmodified and unaltered.
All content included in this release is © Nolan Richert, Arn Richert 2011, All rights reserved.
"The Crucible" is © Nolan Richert, Arn Richert 2011, All rights reserved.
All elements and content included in this file are © Nolan Richert, Arn Richert 2011, All rights reserved.
“Unreal Tournament III" is Copyright© 1998/2009 Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.
All other trademarks and trade names are property of their respective owners.
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The Crucible: v1.2 has been updated!
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