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Title : DreamLand (TempoClasm][)
Version : 1.00
Release Date : 16 September 2012
Author : Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce
Email Address : mike.wilberforce@gmail.com
Description : Time to dominate a land of dreams! UT DOM for 8-32 players.
Previous Maps : DOM-TempoClasm-v201, DOM-TempleOfCows, DM-Henf, DM-IndustrialGloom et al;
"Vacillations of a Victorian Vagrant" SP,"Deja Vu" SP v2.01 (Maps 1 & 12)
Build Time : Approx. 6 weeks, started in 2010, shelved, then finished in 2012.
Special Thanks : .:..: for the chiming clock and clock hands code
Epic for creating the Unreal series!

Sounds: TempoclasmMusic.uax; DreamLandSounds.uax
Music: Blank.umx
Textures: TempoClasmTex.utx; DreamLandTex.utx; richrig.utx
Code: TempoClasmCode.u; DreamLandCode.u; Tree_PACK1.u

Place DOM-DreamLand.unr in your UnrealTournament\Maps folder.
Place TempoClasmCode.u, DreamLandCode.u and Tree_PACK1.u in your UnrealTournament\System folder.
Place TempoclasmMusic.uax and DreamLandSounds.uax in your UnrealTournament\Sounds folder.
Place TempoClasmTex.utx, DreamLandTex.utx and richrig.utx in your UnrealTournament\Textures folder.
Place Blank.umx in your UnrealTournament\Music folder.


Version History

v1.0: First release

Extended Description

DOM-DreamLand is the spiritual sequel to DOM-TempoClasm, which is included in this pack in a reduxxed version.

DOM-TempoClasm was a large, five-point DOM map consisting of four diverse locations linked in physically impossible ways. DOM-DreamLand follows the same template, but where DOM-TempoClasm was attempting to ape "real" locations, the setting of DOM-DreamLand is very definitely "unreal".

So, where did it all come from? Well, it did actually start with a dream. I'm not generally one to dream about computer games - in fact, the number of times I've done so could probably be counted on one hand - but one night I did have a very vivid Unreal Tournament dream. I dreamt about chasing other characters around a number of locations including a jungle bay, a grand hotel ballroom and hallway and a darkened version of DOM-TempoClasm's underground station. All of those locations are present in this map approximately as I dreamt them, with the addition of a magical manor garden - not part of the original dream, but something that I conceived of later to "complete the set".

As with DOM-TempoClasm, the music cannot be switched off as it is delivered by ambient sounds offering a different soundscape to each location. As a result, you'll have found that the file download is very large. I offer no apologies for this - I was making this map primarily to realise my dream, and guess what? The ballroom music was part of the dream as well!

Not so Frequently Asked Question

Q: I don't see all five control points on my HUD. What can I do?

A: Decrease the HUD size in your HUD settings.

Gameplay Tips

Try the map with three teams. I recommend it!

Soundtrack Credits

Jungle Bay: Outdoor sound effects from Unreal Tournament 2004; and
Main theme from the Asylum Cageways, from the computer game "ShadowMan"
Down Street Station: Main theme from Down Street Station, from the computer game "ShadowMan"
Manor Garden: "Level8", by Starsky Partridge, from Unreal Tournament 2004; and
Cicada sounds from Unreal Tournament 2004
Hotel Atrium: Standard Unreal Tournament sound effects
Ballroom: "The Ducal Hoofers / Portents", by Russell Stone, from "Doctor Who: The Stones of Venice"

Technical Issues

You may occasionally find that bots get hung up on one of the warpzones.

Hitscan weapons don't work through warpzones. I have tried to design around this engine limitation, but the use of warpzones could not be avoided given this map's theme.


DOM-DreamLand (c) 2012 Michael Wilberforce. Authors may not NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. You are not allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without the author's explicit permission. You may distribute this level through any electronic network (Internet, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file with the archive.
Authors wishing to use TempoclasmMusic.uax, DreamLandMusix.uax or the textures embedded in the map should recognise the author and DOM-TempoClasm/DOM-DreamLand as the source in their documentation. Blank.umx and richrig.utx are widespread public domain files that are not under copyright to the author.
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