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Game : Unreal Tournament 2004
Map Title : ONS-TicTacToe-LE

FriendlyName : "the gavel"

Version : Beta505-Final
Playercount : 10-32
Author : M kusanagi

this is an original map. prototype box-stacking with 384uu anti-portals, and a mud tunnel for the wildcard instagib super shock base.

Contacts : google+ profile and youtube channel
Date : 07.29.2018

Preview : uploaded at youtube [link below]

Features :

· the new face of node control

Package includes following:

· map [with mylevel meshes, colors, emitters]
· Readme.txt
· History available but not included in package

Intro : ONS-TicTacToe-LE, copyright 2018, by M kusanagi
ONS-TicTacToe-LE the map [for ut2k4], was originally planned [drawn] in early 2016. the boxes were estimated at 4k, and the mounts [512uu room octagons] were lazily eye-balled to fit symetrically in the room. the vehicle edition [a second map with outer perimeter vehicle actions] was also conceived at this stage. it was then left aside for 2 years [to incubate the engine, so to speak]. for this league edition [LE] map, the cabal was kept strictly in mind. fighting clans and fire-teams [perhaps formed internationally] will discover ONS-TicTacToe-LE an epitome of combined aspects within the world of virtual 3D gaming. there are elements of the 2D shape making from ut99, the weapons from ut2k4, weapon base configuration [well-placed distances] from Bombing Run, recharging balance from Death Match, the quick-kill instagib play aspects of Instagib Capture The Flag, the momentum of Invasion in the center room, and of course the inevitable interactions between, assault on a destroyable object, and Manual Gun Pawn defensive measures. there are even a few easter eggs placed at key points for the extremely advanced competitors [players]. finally. recall that you have been chosen from a cabal of ruthless warriors, simply because your brutality is legendary. the conflict is now in the tournament. the tournament is now in your hands. you can, be the winner of the tournament. let the frag-time begin. -M kusanagi
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