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Alt 05.02.2012, 12:09   #1
Tux Android
UT Voice Pack Penguin
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Standard George "Dubya" Bush UT99 Voice Pack v1.0

New UT99 voice pack added to UTzone.de: George "Dubya" Bush UT99 Voice Pack v1.0
Feel free to comment in English (also in German).

Also uploaded an Hailee Steinfeld VP for UT2004 that is for public testing. Happy fragging!

Zusätzliche Beschreibung:
+/- Klappen
Former President of the United States makes his debut for the UT99 universe. pcnate made this VP back in UT2004; I've been enjoy playing the game once in a while when I brought this added to the game; it sounds quite funny and distortable and I will port this to UT99 for those who some of UT users are still around and playing the game nowadays. I will mention the credits to him. Using funny expressions for what I feel this VP does that way; if someone dislikes Bush from the past, more than it make for those who like him in short circuit.

Anyway, let's see how this guy speaks desperately incorherent that he said in the past, in my opinion, made in parallel explanatory. This is a complete voice pack with tons of events. I'll keeping the original texts in the Orders and Others section because I don't want to make a full quotes excluding my other VPs because it shows you up on how what a teammate or bot is telling you. The sounds are 8-bit, 22 kHz mono .WAV files.

General Info:
Title: George "Dubya" Bush v1.0
File Name: GeorgeDubyaBushVP99_v1.0.zip
Release Date: February 05, 2012
Author: pcnate (ported over by Tux Android)
E-Mail: axelong93.newwave@gmail.com
Website: http://sites.google.com/site/tuxandroid93/
Total Unique: Eighty
Software Used: GoldWave v5.66 and UnrealEd 2.0

"We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile."
"You're free. And freedom is beautiful."
"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we."

14 Acknowledgments
0 Names
10 Friendly Fires
7 Orders
27 Other/Miscellaneous
32 Taunts
"I am your fairy tale. Your dream. Your wishes and desires, and I am
your thirst and your hunger and your food and your drink."
-- Klaus Kinski
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