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Alt 12.10.2013, 12:44   #1
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Standard Tactical Ops Libre & UT99 Libre Movement

Tactical Ops Libre & Unreal Tournament 99 Libre Movement

To:Epic Games,Star's Super Games,Star Games,Star's Denomination

Petition:Change the license of Unreal Engine 1.5 or UE 1.5, from Proprietary License to GNU General Public License

In the last years the games Unreal tournament and Tactical Ops have fall in decadence, because no one wants to give support to this games, because they are too old. In this world,it exists people that still playing this games and they don't want to see die, it would be a sad story if this occurs. The only way that Unreal Tournament and Tactical Ops fans can continuing playing this game,it's giving support from people and fans that still playing this games, because Unreal Tournament, and principally Tactical Ops are in trash, in this last, no one knows who's the owner of this game; it was atari, and they don't are; the study "Kamehan studios" ,that who was the developer, it's dead because there is no legal personality of this company. These games doesnt make any monetary utility to Epic Games,Star's Super Games,Star Games and Star's Denomination, so they don't would be affected to giving us this engine. Please, set it free...

Please, spread this mesage

Click in the following link to sing for us:

Give us a like and join to our cause:

En los últimos años, el Unreal Tournament y Tactical Ops han caído en decadencia ,ya que nadie da soporte a estos juegos , pues son demasiado viejos. En este mundo, existe gente que sigue jugando a estos juegos y que no lo quieren ver morir ,sería una triste historia si esto ocurre. La única manera en que los aficionados Unreal tournament y Tactical Ops pueden seguir jugando a este juego, es dándole soporte desde la gente y los fans que siguen jugando a este juego , porque Unreal tournament , y principalmente Tactical Ops están en la basura ,este último , no se sabe quién es el propietario de este juego , fue atari, y no lo es; el estudio " Kamehan estudios " , quién era el desarrollador , está muerto porque no hay personalidad jurídica de la empresa . Estos juegos no hace ninguna utilidad monetaria de Epic Games,Star's Super Games,Star Games and Star's Denomination , por lo que no se verían afectados al darnos este motor. Por favor, déjenlo libre …

Porfavor difunde este mensaje

Click in the following link to sing for us:

Danos un megusta y únete a nuestra causa:
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Alt 13.10.2013, 12:21   #2
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You can be very certain that Epic will ignore this petition. The GPL is simply too strickt about how open the code must be. Also, even Unreal Engine 3 still uses parts of the UE1 code - you can't expect Epic to release that much of the current engine's interior to the public. And also the term "UE 1.5" - there's no such thing. UT code has been handed over to the Unreal Tournament Preservation Group (UTPG), who have released new versions up to v451, IIRC.

The part about not being financial gain also doesn't fully apply, because the Unreal Anthology - including Unreal 1, Return to NaPali and Unreal Tournament (all three use the latest UE1 version) - is still on sale.
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Zitat von Thorsten Denkler, SZ
Diese Freiheit ist in Gefahr. Aber nicht durch die feigen Attentäter von Paris. Nicht durch die Attentäter vom 11. September, von Madrid oder London. Solche Taten fordern den Rechtsstaat heraus. In ernste Gefahr gerät die freie Gesellschaft nur durch die Angst der Menschen, die in ihr leben. Und durch Politiker, die sich dieser Ängste bedienen.
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