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All UT´s | Redirection für Server
von Donzi 13.12.2009, 18:47

What is Redirection?
Redirection basically sends people who connect to your server to a website to download any custom files which the player does not have. Once this is done the player is sent back to your server who can now enter the game, this is all done without the player noticing i.e. it looks like a normal download from the server.

Why Should I Use Redirection?

You only need to use redirection if your server runs custom files i.e. maps, mods or mutators which do not come with the standard game. If you are running a 12 man CTF server with no extra maps, mutators or mods then you will not need to setup redirection. If however like 85% of the servers out there you have a custom map or mutator then it would be very wise to see if you can setup redirection. As when a player does not have the required file he will download it off your server which uses additional CPU and Bandwidth, redirection solves this problem.

How Do I Set My Server Up To Use Redirection?

You will need to alter 2 sections of your server ini file:

(note if you do not have these sections then you can add them to the end of your server ini file)
UT-GOTY / UT2003 / UT2004 / UT3

What tools can I use to compress files?

UT CompreZ
UT CompreZ is a tool to speed up and eaze up the compression of custom maps and other custom Unreal Tournament files.

UT2003 Compress (works with UT2004 too!)
The UT2003 version of UTCompreZ, this tool will make UZ compression easier to handle. Just create a list of files to compress, hit the "compress" button and go to bed, the next morning everything will be done.

UZTool is a very small and simple tool to manage UZ2 files for Unreal-Tournament 2003 and 2004.
It's the easiest because it integrates its functions in the Windows Explorer.
It's an easy way to make and extract UZ2 files for your server or extract originals files from UT2004 disks.

UT3 Vice Version.

UnrealRSC is an easy to use tool that aids in keeping your redirect server synched with your UT3 server.
Runs on Windows and Linux.

This service is provided by the following sites

UT: http://uz.ut-files.com/
UT2004: http://uz2.ut-files.com/
UT3: http://uz3.ut-files.com
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server redirection should be understood.
by this configuration would be easy to understand.
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