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departure, scrmz, vyd

Video Details
Titel [Report video] Departure
Category UT2004 Rating
Datum 13.12.2009, 23:44 Zeit 4:54
Upload by sÀtÁñ.UTzone Hits 65.740
Comments 0
Description 03.02.2009

made by: vYd

Departure is a movie about ScrMz.
Showing some of his most excellent frags.
Back then he was considered to be one of the best UT2004 duellers on the planet.
Since this is taken from that period, you can get a pretty good idea of his playing style by watching this movie.
It’s fun and it’s a good to have an analasys of ScrMz style but apart from the frags you don’t really have a nice impression concerning the movie.
In my point of view this is far from beeing a good movie.
But since it’s the only movie I know of which is dedicated to ScrMz this movie has it’s own value of course.
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