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Incarnation! A UT99 Community Fragmovie
Do not seek. Seekbar is broken.

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Video Details
Titel [Report video] Incarnation! A UT99 Community Fragmovie
Category UT99 Rating
Datum 08.12.2009, 11:48 Zeit 17:26
Upload by Donzi.UTzone Hits 110.183
Comments 1
Description 07.12.2009

Creator: subz & wIz4
unreal tournament community frag movie awesome frags HD subz wIz4
Length: 17m26s

abc, Aiwon, bleh-, bong-, `br4dz-, -ci1337-, cradz, creepZ, Eddich, flaf0, frodo, fusie, ginz, hank`, Hanni*, hero, kalias-, kepa, Kix, Kyo`, kosmo, lauwef, loleQ`, madduck, `m4tze, Meteor, MouZe`, ~od~, orchild, owNeR, Patsui, Prophet, PR0WLER, rAvje, Sai`jp, SENS, Serenity-, SesioN, Sezco24, Sonic, soNky`, TNT^, Tobe, tOmy`, torp, vitz, w1sh, wIz4, XiLLy

Long ago we made an announcement regarding a UT1 movie called "Incarnation";
our best and final work in relation to UT1 moviemaking. The project was delayed several times,
mostly because we were just lazy and/or didn't have enough footage/motivation.
After we picked the songs we wanted for the soundtrack, it was down to kuraigu
to create a nice mix, and thus the basis, for our movie. Unfortunately, a few months later
we realised that certain songs were unsuitable and needed replacing.
We received quite a lot of frags throughout the submission period, so you can imagine
that the standard required for inclusion in the movie is pretty high. Of course some of the frags
people sent in were just ridiculous (no offence) and wouldn't even be used in a div3 movie.
On the other hand some frags are among the best we've ever seen.
I'm also convinced that certain players will totally get accused of cheating.


There are 4 versions of this movie, divided into three categories:

== HQ
- resolution: 1440x900
- codec: x264
- container: mp4
- looks great even on full HD monitor
- you also need a pretty good PC in order to make this version run smoothly

== MQ
- resolution: 1280x800
- codec: x264 / xvid
- container: mp4 / avi
- should look good enough to maintain its visual quality
- should run well on most computers

== LQ
- resolution: 720x450
- codec: xvid
- container: avi
- I'm convinced this one will look just terribly ()
- if you can't get this one to work then ...

Download: http://own-age.com/vids/14922
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  1. Ragnos
    08.12.2009, 14:42
    Kranke Fraggs bei.

    Geil gemacht, keine Frage.

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