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#macloud the movie; Endgame
Do not seek. Seekbar is broken.

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#macloud, endgame, m4cloud

Video Details
Titel [Report video] #macloud the movie; Endgame
Category UT99 Rating
Datum 10.12.2009, 10:19 Zeit 10:39
Upload by Donzi.UTzone Hits 1.276
Comments 0
Description Creator: fusie`

clan #macloud: aldur, bamse, bob, fusie`, iop, jbr, joe, kankipappa, messa, misslava, moon / farac, noonio / plop, orchild, pepsi, petillan, quadman, reanimator, t4ckle, vou|on

The Unreal Tournament '99 clan M4CLOUD already excists for over 7 years and is well known in the UT community, only not because of our high skills. The clan had alot of members coming and going, and used to be the most active clan in the 2v2 and 4v4 clanbase ladders. Although this clan has not actually won any awards (yet) it was my proposal to give us a little tribute in the form of a clanmovie. Few attempts already have been made, unsuccesfully. January this year I learned for the first time (after getting a decent laptop) how to make a proper UT clip. I started on my first movie Bust or Break which I canceled after I started working on the M4CLOUD movie. And yes, it is still canceled and will never be realised. The M4CLOUD movie started really promosing and I think i captured 70% of all the footage within 2 weeks. I worked on it for 2 months and after that, the project went dead. I had own things to deal with and my interest was not there anymore. I picked it up again last week and finished it in 1 day; since the intro was all that was left to do. In my eyes, it is visible I rushed it, since I had bigger plans for it. Still, the movie is a succes in my opinion and I know my clanmembers will agree. For those who I made curious on the way, sorry if the result is somehow dissapointing. This is also my (and orchild's) goodbye towards the scene since I've had it with UT.

In short, I present you the movie #macloud; Endgame, named after one of the Highlanders movies. My first and last movie, have fun with it , #macloud greets you all.

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