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Full Metal Frag

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Video Details
Titel [Report video] Full Metal Frag
Category UT2004 Rating
Datum 09.12.2009, 14:43 Zeit 9:40
Upload by Donzi.UTzone Hits 3.073
Comments 0
Description 16.08.2005 2005

Full Metal Frag Frag movie with 100% portuguese frags, from some of PT's top players.

Full Metal Frag

The idea to create this movie came in December 2004 from me and The1.

Since then, and after 8 (busy) months of demos, frag selection, and clip

creation, it is finally released, with all the editing made in 1 week

All the clips were captured using 'dumpframes' at 800x600 full details,

including 6xAA & 16xAF. All the video editing was made in Premiere Pro 1.5,

the audio in Audition 1.5. It was compressed in xvid/vdub. This is my first

movie ever, i have no experience whatsoever in video editing. It's too bad

we didn't receive more demos, maybe next time we'll have some better frags ;>

Enjoy Full Metal Frag from the Portuguese UT2k4 community \o/

-- flak

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