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1336, mg78, mgproduction78, own-age

Video Details
Titel [Report video] 1336III
Category UT2004 Rating
Datum 09.12.2009, 16:07 Zeit 10:43
Upload by Donzi.UTzone Hits 2.528
Comments 0
Description 1336 ]|[

** This video was submitted for the 4th Official own-age.com Video Editing Contest. **

this s the Xvid version. quality s good, but not perfect.
if you "more quality again" check the x264 version...

a. Credits:

created & direct by:
mg78 - (mgproduction78 - *t3o*)
contact Information:

special thx to:
---------> Rypel:
for the Rypel's Cam tool, for all the updates, for the forum and its comunity.
your tool changed the ut/ut2k4 fragmovie world. thanks man
---------> Slainchild:
for the 1336]|[ map (2 version)(used 4 the logo intro)
---------> [Ci] & Selerox
for the clan server used (used for the intro sequance and some free camera cinematic)

b. Codec used:
video - x264 (version: 516)
video - Xvid (version: Nics)
audio - mpg3 (version: MPEG Layer-3 Fraunlofer v1)

c. Information about the video:
lenght: 10'.43" (9'.59")
size x264: 246mb
size Xvid: 244mb (a bit more "dirty" than the x264)
compression: 2 pass quality, 3000kps.
total time conversion on x264: 4h
total time conversion on Xvid: 1.40h

d. Music used:
THX - fX test
In Flames - Trigger - Cloud Connected (club connected remix)
Red Planet - End theme
Berserk - Monster (this s the right music!!!!!! i wrote "balls" in the vid, but i was in wrong)

e. This video was submitted for the 4th Official own-age.com Video Editing Contest.


about the demo:
all the demo was authorize by the demo's owner, h0rd3GGG.

programs used:
UT 2004
Rypel's Cam 0.8 to 1.0
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Dynapel Slow Motion
Cool timer

basic info:
Feel free to donate/share this movie but let the package intact.
do not sell this video or take profit from it.

special info:
many distortion (expecially on the text) was not my fault, but the SlowMotion process (@ 8x)
"In Flames-Trigger-Cloud Connected (remix)" was already used in some fragmovie....
but I LOVE THIS SONG, so i used!!!!!
shombo cock s the kill when you hit the enemy's shock ball with your shock.
gouranga????? GOURANGAAAA!?!?!?!?!?! hit the monks! gta1 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!

(c) 2006 mg78 - mgproduction78.

"untill the end"
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Video Directory licensed from Jaxel at 8WayRun.Com.
Original version from Video-Center of vBPoint (©)

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