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Baguette PoWa - The FragMovie (With the Unreal Engine Virtual Camera System : Rypelcam )

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Video Details
Titel [Report video] Baguette PoWa - The FragMovie (With the Unreal Engine Virtual Camera System : Rypelcam )
Category UT3 Rating
Datum 26.06.2015, 14:14 Zeit 5:04
Upload by Donzi.UTzone Hits 731
Comments 0
Description New FR@gDEVIL_77 fragmovie with some players of my clan the Black Knights. i used UT3 Rypelcam : The Unreal Engine Virtual Camera System with Unreal Tournament 3.
Most of the kill were made in UT3 publics servers even if we can see some players from others clans
There a few frags we did VS the DOS clan (Demons of Shadow)
Some are awesome, some are funny, some are epic ^^ etc ...
Actions are faster than i used to show because of the music ^^ ...
well enjoy

PS : Vidéo dédiée Ã* tous mon ancien clan, merci Ã* vous pour ces joyeux moments

PS2 : Thanks to Rypel, RattleSN4K3 & VegaSKill. http://www.ut3darkclan.com/forum/index.php

PS3 : I used Rypelcam version 3.17

PS4 : I still dont have it ^^' (the playstation 4 !!! ^^' )

PS5 : Some extracts comes from DOS (Deamons of Shadow) vs BKRT clans war

PS6 : Lot of lost of quality after uoload it on youtube Look this video with the cinema mode on youtube ^^'

PS7 : J'adore les petits "souchis" ^^ surtout en dernier ;op

PS8 : Thanks a lot for watching + liking + subscribing + commenting + sharing if you want more awesome UT3 movies
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