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unpredictables - the movie
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Video Details
Titel [Report video] unpredictables - the movie
Category UT99 Rating
Datum 13.12.2009, 20:33 Zeit 19:31
Upload by sÀtÁñ.UTzone Hits 2.682
Comments 0
Description 26.11.2008

Creator: subz`

clan ~u. - subz`, fusie`, modz`, burnah`, bq`, petillan, bounce`, terra, kratz`, Noize`, Kanki, SuiciSpai, Dark^Fact.

** #unpredictables - the movie by subz` **

» Description »

- So what is this?

I started this movie June 2006th, firstly intended as a rather small sized clan (we play UT1 nwtdm 4on4 mainly) movie, a presentation/promotional movie. Well, as you see it grew into so very much more than just that. This movie is made with pure love for the game, and edited very carefuly (it's my clan afterall). The movie is encoded in both x264 (592MB), aswell XviD (742MB) which is 19;40 minutes of the main movie, and 4;11 minutes of the seperate outtakes video.

- The frags?

The frags are balanced, you'll find frags sick enough in here to top any community movie, even if they all come from one clan. What I tried to achieve with this movie was showing UT1 in another way than most of the recent UT1 movies show it. Namely reducing the rocketkills, every frag in this movie has happened in real battle in official clanbase games, or serious practice games, playing for the win, not for the frag, and believe me you get more than just rocketkills that way! My second target was reducing the deck frags to a minimum, so I left only the best, or best looking/fitting, as a result, the deck frags in this movie are under 50% or even under 45%, which is pretty good if you compare with some other movies. :>

- The editing?

I've spent around 3 months on this movie, often working on it 8 hours several days in a row. It has alot of frame per frame editing which took me quite some time at some places. The cameras and the first person action are on proportions to about 60/40 if we are talking about the main frag part.

- The audio?

A single stream audio mixed by subz` (myself). I'm not an audio artist, however I tried to implement the music I like with some of the music my clan agreed with, then I had to mix this, which is done in a very primitive way, however it works.

- Author's Notes

It's been some time since I've released something due to my hdd's crashing when I'm about to finish something, I've never made anything this big and this is one of the biggest UT movies overall, since I did alot of editing on it, I hope it's worth every second. Enjoy.

- Special thanks concerning uploading

* wIz4
* RatQuiRit
* AM|KrieppeN
* matek
* Paeki
* clinic
* and everybody else that's seeding the movie file!

» Contact »

#unpredictables on irc.quakenet.org
#creative-pictures on irc.quakenet.org
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