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UnrealNorth 2 by Vlad
Do not seek. Seekbar is broken.

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Video Details
Titel [Report video] UnrealNorth 2 by Vlad
Category UT2004 Rating
Datum 18.03.2012, 22:42 Zeit 11:30
Upload by Donzi.UTzone Hits 2.779
Comments 0
Description -------MOVIE DETAILS-------

- Production time: the movie was made in about 2 months.

- About 80 demos were used from 30 players in the UN community.

- "Not so many headshot-frags in it..... HSs are boring.....
here are only Luck `n Skill frags! Only aiming is a littlebit boring today (its imo!)
Who is searching for Aim & Skill frags movie "brAinless" with skAven , movie by ReNemesis .... btw - HI RENEMSIS!!!!"

- "Why are my movies so fast ???!!!! They are not really fast
It's real-time game Motion Blur makes the fast-feeling, thats why it feels so fast.
PS: I dont like slow movies"

-------BIG THANKS TO-------

DENTNT for help with 3Ds MAX and UnrealEditor3
ASTZ for helping with introtalk , grammatics and for his frags
F51 for UnrealEditor help
Shadow for 3D help
Jarnul for AE help
Rypel for awesome CAM!
Microsoft for DirectX libraries
-------USED MUSIC-------

1. UT2004 StageMusic
2. Emphatic – Stronger (Explicit)
3. Immediate Music - Adrenalized
4. Korn - Narcissistic Cannibal (feat Skrillex and Kill the Noise)
5. New Tone – Collapse (Titles)



CPU: Intel Q6600@3.2 Ghz
Windows 7 x64 (But most of my progs were x86)
2 Monitors: (Samsung `22 1680x1050 & BenQ `19 1280x1024) watch "screens" folder

...UT2004 / Engine Details...

- Resolution 1600x900 @ Fov 105

- RypelCam - I used was my own modified version,
because I needed a DX9 render with z-Depth (know as z-Buffer) for creating Depth Of Field effects and ofcourse some fixes at RC within. (I haven't released my Rypelcam)
For upgrading RC I used UnrealScript and for creating DX9 render I used MS VS + DirectX SDK.

-------EDITING DETAILS-------

- All frags and Rypelcams were recored by Fraps in resolution 1600x900 (Aspect ratio 16:9) with the same fps like at demo.
(30 fps demos then 30 fps at Fraps; 90 fps demo then 90fps at fraps)
(For z-Depth there were other configurations xD)

- To make 30 fps demos smoother - AE plugin Twixtor was in use.

- Depth Of Field (Camera focus):
I recored frag/rypelcam twice: normal video/frag and the same with z-Depth.
Depth OF Field was created at After Effects with plugin "Frischluft Depth of Field"

- How I created "lucker" on eXartos frag ??? I used SynthEyes for tracking the movement and exported checkpoints-info file for 3Ds MAX.
At 3Ds MAX I have created only the text in 3D, synchronased to background video and rendered as png-alpha sequences, at After Effects "lucker" and background-video/frag was synchronased + some effects.

- 3D-Reloadingflak was created also with 3Ds MAX. All flak files were exported from UnrealEditor and imported at 3Ds MAX (IT WAS ONLY FLAK SKIN).
Then it was a lot of work to create the beautiful animation )))))

- Third Part of movie was made more in UT2004 style, so no special colour correction, only a little bit of glow and motion blur was added.

- Outro was created with UnrealEditor3 and 3DSMAX

- All country Flags were taken just from : google picturies

-------USED PROGRAMMS-------

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Abobe Photoshop
Adobe Audition
Autodesk 3Ds MAX
Sony Vegas
UnrealEditor 3
Visual Studio
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Video Directory licensed from Jaxel at 8WayRun.Com.
Original version from Video-Center of vBPoint (©)

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