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Covenant - The Movie
Do not seek. Seekbar is broken.

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Video Details
Titel [Report video] Covenant - The Movie
Category UT2004 Rating
Datum 05.05.2010, 13:20 Zeit 4:53
Upload by Donzi.UTzone Hits 3.474
Comments 0
Description Covenant - The Movie

The reason I made another UT2004 Movie is simple, UT3 wasn't that attractive when it came to making actual fragmovies.
So I looked around and I noticed the amount of demos on the cov-server ftp.
Seeing as there was 15GB+ of clangames on there I decided to finally make a "clanmovie".
Most frags are from TDM/1v1 pracs/officials.
I really went overboard with the colors and thus tried to create a warm atmosphere throughout the movie.
The editing is on the soft side, since I have never been a real fan of insane editing on every single scene.

This project has almost been 2 years in the making, and if it wasn't for some people nagging me every day, it might have never seen the day of light.
So I eventually got around brushing it into a shape, worth releasing.
Either way, its here now and I hope you enjoy it.

Resolution: 1440x900 @ 40fps
Audio: LAME MP3 320kb/s
Size: 421 MB
Length: 05.37
Frames: 11721
Uncompressed render: 42.4 GB
All files needed for the movie on my disks: 85.1 GB

P`tch aka Machine

.Music used.
"Forgiveness" by Side liner
"Path" by Apocalyptica
"Born In A Tropical Swamp" by Secede

.Programs used.
Adobe Photoshop cs4
Adobe After Effects cs3
Sony vegas Pro 8.0
Virtual DJ
Unreal Tournament 2004

The entire Covenant/Megazen group.
The #thegifted irc entertainment crew.
Zoro & others from www.unreal.ie, great blokes!
Credit where credit is due so; thanks to videocopilot.
Watching demos & feedback;
*Ark,Kier,Pitch,Wingz,Harken(also helped you never deleted a demo!)

.Special Thanks/Shoutouts.
rammeh, for being rammeh, you jewtastic man.
Ark, you are so fucking neutral and stubborn, you could make Ghandi fight an elephant, but I like you all the same.
SBS, for being the most arrogant person I know.
HarkeN, for being homeless, and for god sake release maggie!
Kier, for being quite the videogamer and quite the expert at putting up a facade.
zeno, for being painfully german, in a very amusing way, and for being the slowest trackmania driver in the history of trackmania.
scrmz, for loud music, alcohol & solo capping on drunklet, s8 np.
hoochie, for recording sounds and shit.
funguss, for being Ark's gf.
Pulse, for being Ark's gf & my drugbrother on the internet.
Nicole, for being HarkeN's future love interest.
fnenu, for being #thegifted's mother.
DeadHead, for being a dutch-greek god, attracting birds anywhere he steps "inside".
lozz, for being able to jump on anyones bandwagon.
mnt, I still dont know where hes really from, but its a shit country.
pitch, for being a seeker of ultimate filth.
wingz, for being our entertainer in oh so many ways.
[MXS], for inspiring us to create a "stombo" list, going strong since '08!, and for being [MXS].
RuinatioN, for keeping our internet cheatfree, keep it going topman.
bayo, hes got a kind heart, but seriously bayo, youre fucking crazy.
metoch/sn, for amazing one-liners, and being a generally cool guy.
j4H$Fu-, for being a massive public hero.
bazza & nuky, for being l4d heroes, but not as good as me on jack.
pct, for not being able to talk english, after spending years on the internet. well done.
incubuz, for being a compulsive liar, in a hilarious way.
zelos, for being able to earn money with 1v1 ut2004 Idm shootouts on gael.
lareh/iceman, for keeping our defense in line.
zephi, for being trollfodder.
Motig, for being gay.
taskmaster, for not being a racist at all, top lad.
stolid, for being able to barge into conversations at the best times.
morpheus, for playing some cod4 with the lads, few pints.
mozart, for swallowing all the shit i threw his way over the years, and for teaching me some ebonic slang!

Theres a lot more that deserve a place here, but I ran out of names for the moment!
But all in all this should do it;

PS; Theres A little extra "clip" at the end, made for the UT2004 community, but more for the people close to me in the "scene".
I suggest you watch the scene several times, for hidden easter eggs!
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